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GP #LifeHacks 108: Batch Recovery – Tip to manage this like a pro using Startup folder!

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a great feature that captures posting processes that have issues or get interrupted.  This is EXTREMELY helpful and helps protect GP users against many different reasons a batch would fail to post.

Normally we go into Batch Recover (Microsoft Dynamics GP>Tools>Routines>Batch Recovery) for two reasons:  We either receive an error when the batch tries posting (that we notice) or, at month end, when things aren’t necessarily making sense when reviewing our financials or our reconciliations.

Here is a tip to help make sure that postings that go to ‘Batch Recovery’ are noticed much sooner than month end, and helps save us tons of time!

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GP #LifeHacks 103: Track JE’s in #Excel – Paste into GP

I love Excel!  Who doesn’t, right?  As an accountant, I live in Excel.  This is the easiest place for me to track and create Journal Entries. But after all that work, how do we get it into our accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics GP? Easy, we just ‘Paste’ the entry. Simple, I know.

GP Life Hack #103

Dynamics GP offers the cool functionality of pasting in copied data from Excel.  This includes distribution reference, the GL Account number, Debit Amount and the Credit Amount:


A 5th column can be used for Analytical Account Alias.

Simply copy all rows of the entry (do not include the header row) and open a new JE window.  Move your cursor into the account field in the scrolling window and hit the Excel paste button.

103 1

The data copied will now be ‘Pasted’ into the transaction entry window instead of re-keying. Totally awesome!

Keep in mind that when pasting into the transaction entry window, the accounts are validated – if any errors exist, you will get a report showing which accounts need your attention.

103 2.png

That’s it, and you save a TON of keying time. I just tested this and pasted 1000 lines of a Journal Entry and it took under 30 seconds!

Pro Tip! Save the excel file and attach it to the Journal entry so you can reference it at any time.

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