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GP #LifeHacks 200: Replace Management Reporter with Jet Basics

Some time ago Microsoft announced that Management Reporter was no longer going to get development support.  This meant that it was time to start exploring options to replace MR internally for financial reporting.  No rush, MR isn’t going away soon, but why not explore…

At the same time that the announcement occurred, Microsoft also announced a FREE solution to report our financials… FREE… plus it is EXCEL based.  WHAT?!?!?! Awesome, I know!!

Jet Express (Now called Jet Basics) is 100% FREE and does a great job of utilizing Excel and connecting directly to your GP data source for financial reporting… don’t let FREE push you away… it is a VERY powerful free tool and can replace Management Reporter.

In this series I will break down how to install Jet Basics and how to build out your first simple reports.

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GP #LifeHacks 147: Show Unused Codes On Paystub With YTD Information!

Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP is packed with tons of cool functionality… most importantly.. making sure everyone gets paid! 🙂

How about those deductions and benefits… yup, it handles those too, all represented on the employee pay stub… SWEET!

But what happens when a code is inactivated part way through the year… the code no longer shows up on the statement!?!?!?! YIKES!

That’s OK, you can change a simple setting to get them to show up, automatically… keeping your employee’s happy and showing that very valuable YTD amount… especially come close to the end of the year, right?

Here’s how:

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GP #LifeHacks 105: Using Custom Links to Track Packages, Add Images and More!

Dynamics GP is bursting at the seems with tons of functionality just waiting to get utilized and in this blog series, I will explore the custom links feature.

“Custom Links” is a feature available on many windows in GP and can be a huge help for folks by adding, well… Custom Links to those windows 🙂  (Teaser:  I will show you how to add Inventory Item Images and how to add links to track shipments!)

In this series, I will cover all the available functionality and also share  some very cool use cases that you might be able to incorporate in your organization today!

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GP #LifeHacks 163: Smartlists gone WILD!! Search Functionality explained

One of the MANY things that sets Dynamics GP apart from other ERP solutions… SMARTLISTS BABY!!!

Smartlists are a linear list of your data.  You can customize them easily but out of the box, there are lists for all transactions, vendors, customers, and TONS of other things.

With the SmartList tool (free/included with Microsoft Dynamics GP) you have the ability to do some valuable filtering of your data… this filtering is made available through data ‘Search’ options.

A simple search example would be, show me all the transactions for Vendor XYZ… and BOOM, there they are… but what if your search is a little more complex that that?  Let’s take a look at the options for basic and advanced search functionality.

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GP #LifeHacks 101: Use dimensions WITHOUT Analytical Accounting! MDA to the rescue!

AA (Analytical Accounting) provides the ability to add additional details to transactions without adding new segments to your chart of accounts.  It does a lot of other ‘fun’ stuff, but before you dive into the deep end… consider an alternative… consider Multidimensional Analysis (MDA for the acronym fans out there).

Once thought to be removed from Dynamics GP (and maybe even some folks still believe it is not in GP), MDA lives and breathes in Dynamics GP and is an underutilized feature… so let’s take a look at this functionality!

What is MDA and how does it work?

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GP #LifeHacks 110: Post Financial Transactions to History

Does this sound familiar?  “I can’t close my fiscal year yet… the audit is not finished.”

Closing a fiscal year in Dynamics GP does a few things, but in particular, it closes the Profit and Loss account balances out to the retained earnings account.

Many customers fear closing their fiscal year because their previous years work is not complete.  This causes complications with summary windows as well as with Financial Reporting.

I believe, in most cases, that the fiscal year can be closed right on schedule… just like closing any other month… no need to wait… no need to rebuild reports to create a make shift ‘balance brought forward’.  Just use the ‘Post to History’ functionality.

Let’s take a brief look at this…

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GP #LifeHacks 113: Resetting Forgotten System Password

Some of the administrator type functions in Dynamics GP use a system password in order to provide a thin layer of protection against unintentional and/or inappropriate use.

This password often gets misplaced, forgotten, or just disappears with turnover.

I have some good news for you if you fall into this situation… A SQL Script can be used to reset the password.

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GP #LifeHacks 137: Add a SQL View to Smartlist using Designer

Dynamics GP offers a very good tool to create your own Smartlists… Smartlist Designer.

One of the cool things users can do is incorporate custom SQL views into Smartlist through SmartList designer… this can be a HUGE time saver and really gives you the ability to get data you would normally not be able to get in a normal Smartlists.

Below are the steps needed to add a SQL View to your Smartlists.

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GP #LifeHacks 106: Change the Dynamics GP Splash Screen

Changing the Dynamics GP Splash Screen is not only fun and cool (yeah, I said it!) but it is very useful as well!

If you are not familiar with a splash screen, Wikipedia describes it like this:

A splash screen is a graphical control element consisting of a window containing an image, a logo, and the current version of the software. A splash screen usually appears while a game or program is launching.

Ok, not bad… so the GP Splash Screen looks like this:

So how do we change it? And what is so cool about it? Keep reading and I will walk you through the steps.

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GP #LifeHacks 128: How to apply the payroll tax updates – Dynamics GP

Microsoft has released the most recent tax rate changes for GP Payroll, and you want to get them in your system.  No problem!

It’s not as hard as you think but it does have some requirements and precautions that come along with the process.

Below is a quick step by step guide on how to get this task accomplished, along with some words of ‘wisdom’ (ok, I know, humor me!)

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